Bronx Website Maintenance Shouldn't Be a Difficult Task for Those With Websites. We've Made It Simple Just for You.

In the past, if you wanted to make a change to your website, you’d have to pay a developer on an hourly basis. Much of that is still true and happening today. However, at Websites Are Us, we believe in simplicity and ease on behalf of our clients.

Hosting Management

Don’t know where to start when it comes to website hosting? Don’t worry about it. You can think of it like paying rent for your website to live online. Everyone has to pay for hosting (even us) and through our maintenance package, we’re delighted to offer complete management of all things hosting. We’ll get your site up and running under the right server environment, fine tune a few things and keep your website up.

Website Backups

Backups are a big deal. If your site gets hacked or one of the thousands of other factors that exist take it down, you’ll need a backup to restore. For all Websites Are Us clients, we offer daily/weekly backups of your website. So even if your constantly updating content and something catastrophic does happen, you won’t skip a beat because you’ll have an up-to-date site available to restore.

Analytics Reports

Website analytics are sent out at your request. Whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, we’ve got you covered! Data included in your reports can tell you who’s visiting your website, peak traffic times, demographics, which device they used to find you, browser types and much more. The possibilities are almost limitless and can help you refine your website to further match your business goals.

Monthly Plan (No Hourly Rates)

We believe in simplicity. That belief also extends to our website maintenance program pricing. For an affordable flat monthly fee, we’ll take care of all your website needs and address any potential issues that turn up.

UpTime Monitoring

Bad things happen to websites. However, one of the worst things to happen is to realize that your site has been down for days or weeks without any knowledge of the situation. We provide complete UpTime monitoring with our website maintenance program. We’re able to monitor your site UpTime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that everything is on the up and up.

Photo & Video Gallery Uploads

Photos, videos and other media are the cornerstone of any website. They breathe life into plain text content and can turn a visitor into a customer. We place a lot of emphasis and routinely advise our clients to upload whatever they like, whenever they like. We handle any and all photo/video uploads on your behalf.

Content Edits

Every once in a while, you’ll probably need content changed, re-arranged, edited, or deleted from your website. This is where our team comes in. At a moment’s notice, we are available to make any suggested text changes to your site. ¬†All it takes is a phone call or a message…

Cloud Firewall Malware Protection

A large and growing issue involving malware, adware, and SEO spam has been a constant threat to websites all around the internet. Any website we create for you with a maintenance protection plan will also include a “Cloud Proxy Firewall”. This is designed to block out any bad traffic which could harm your website before it even gets there.

In Need of Straight Forward, Reliable Web-Site Maintenance in the Bronx? You've Come to the Right Place!

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We provide all your basic website maintenance needs in one tidy, simple monthly priced package. In reality, there’s no price you can put on peace of mind. Our program covers hosting, domain services, analytics, website changes, malware protection, uptime issues and much, much more. Feel free to give us a call or send a message, we look forward to speaking with you.