Want to Begin Ranking Higher in Search Engine Results? We've Included it for Your Site!

A website without a proper ranking under your products or services is like a business card stashed away in your wallet. Although there’s far more to SEO than what’s initially done on a website, we take care of everything that needs to make your website ready for a Search Engine Optimization marketing campaign. We include it all, have a look below…

Keyword Based Research

Coming up in the search results for your specialty products and services is very important. In order to accomplish this, our copy-writers create fresh, engaging content with a direct focus on exactly what you specialize in. When this is done, the end-goal is to let the search engines know that your website is the “authority” in your industry.

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

When you do a quick search through Google, Yahoo or Bing, you’ll see lists of websites. Each with a 1) Page Title, 2) Description, and 3) a web address. Most people completely underestimate how important these components of a web page are. A page title and meta description tell the search engine what your web page content is about. When the page content, title and description are all relevant, this provides search engines with a much better idea of what you’re trying to express.

Page Speed Analysis & Improvement

Did you know that search engines penalize slow websites? If you think about it, they want users searching to have the very best experience. This means clicking on a webpage and not watching your clock waiting for it to load up. It makes sense right? We work extra hard to make sure your website is free of bloated code, unnecessary plugins and other junk that would otherwise hinder performance.

Professionally Written, Relevant Content

They say “Content is King”. Nothing could be more true. The largest amount of time we spend with your website is creating fresh, relevant and original content that truly helps your visitors understand what your offering and see a unique value proposition. We pride ourselves on writing excellent copy that not only educates but also translates to leads for our customers!

Image Compression & Optimization

They say a picture can tell a thousand words, but do they have to effect website performance? Photos, videos & GIF’s make websites along with the content in them livelier. The only issue here is that they tend to decrease page loading times. At Websites Are Us, we’ve got all the necessary tools to optimize your media so there’s no performance hit to your website. We fully understand the need and desire to have your products or services on full display in as many places as possible. We also provide “Alt Text” for each image so that the search engines can understand exactly what’s being displayed. This helps out in large way for SEO campaigns.

Proper Site Structure & Site-Maps

Having a proper site structure is the first step we take in planning and developing any client’s website. You can look at this like a house. Without setting up a foundation and support beams properly, the entire structure will either be deficient or topple over. It’s very important for the health of your site, user interface, user experience and optimization for search engines, that your site have a precise structure set up. We also create sitemaps for pages, blog posts, along with any other type of media you may have so that everything is covered and included in search engine results!

Structured Data Implementation

Structured data is a relatively new concept in the WebSite/Search Engine world. This refers to adding specific tags to the code of your website so that it’s able to display unique information within the search results. For example, if you have reviews on your website, a star rating may be posted in the search results for all to see. This could be highly beneficial in setting you apart from other companies. We provide Schema.org structured data markups to all of our clients sites and work to get Google, Yahoo & Bing to index the results properly. Doing so could truly set you apart from the competition.

Search Engine Friendly URL's (Clean)

Have you ever seen a web address with a regular name and then about 50 other characters such as “www.someonesite.com/*#((*$$(#*@(***$*^^&$@HLFHJSLSJ.php” ?

We have! These are non-canonical URL’s and we highly advise against using them. They aren’t user friendly nor are they search engine friendly. Rest assured that every web page we create will look like this: www.yoursite.com/yourservice

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Crafting a site built to be used within an SEO campaign is not an easy task. There are many, many moving parts and details that are overlooked by startups as well as larger agencies. Most of which just figure the campaign will work itself out in the long run. This isn’t the most sound business strategy and will often result in lost campaign dollars due to a lack of performance because the site was never built properly in the first place. We have over a decade of experience and we’d love to talk to you.